Tutorial Microsoft Access 2010

Access 2010 is frequently used in organization. Is has a huge advantage in that a prototype application can be written very quickly, sometimes in as little as one day, and then shown to the users.The developer can then go through iterations with the users. In my experience, there can be a huge number of these! Although this can be a messy way of development, many organizations are so fast moving that they need the application quickly. Normally, a specification of requirements would be mapped out, but in many cases there is a danger of the application being obsolete by the time it comes to fruition. I have found this to be very much the case in investment banking.

Some organizations do not like Access applications because they can be difficult to support due to the often undocumented way in which they are developed. However, they do
solve problems very quickly.
The main advantage of Access over other applications in the Microsoft Office suite is that it is multiuser. If you open up an Excel file or Word file, you have exclusive access to that file. If another user opens the file as well, they will get a message stating that they can only open it as a read-only file and cannot save changes back to that file.
If you create an application in Access, then a number of people can use it simultaneously.
This turns it into a real application. However, this then opens up a whole load of security issues and audit trail issues, which we will discuss later on. Maintenance of the application is also a problem. You will need exclusive access to the database to make any changes to its structure or even make a change to VBA code in a module.
I hope you will be able to use this book to learn all about Access VBA and the immense power it can bring to your workplace.

Tutorial access 2010

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