Business online affiliate marketing with adwords

In this ebook you will learn how to make money online by referring quality traffic from google. We will start with a brief overview about affiliate marketing and traffic trading.
Affiliate marketing allows almost any website to refer traffic to an advertiser. The referring site is remunerated for the  volume and quality of the traffic it delivers. The quality is measured as the relation between clicks and actual sales. Affiliate providers are able to measure the conversion rate from websites to advertisers and use this to measure traffic quality.
In affiliate marketing, the website forms a partnership with the merchant and is called “affiliate” or simply “partner”, in some networks the word “publisher” is also used. Amazon, who receives about 20% of all its sales through its affiliate network, pioneered this marketing method in large scale. Today affiliate marketing is a “must have” and all serious online merchants have an affiliate program. If you have a website you can refer traffic through affiliate programs and earn revenues through your links. The only limit to the amount of money you can make is the volume of traffic and the CR you have. Hence, traffic is the key to success for you as an affiliate.

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